"A Life in Comedy" Book by John Caponera

A Life in Comedy charts the ups and downs, highs and lows, of what really goes on behind the scenes. From his start as a young stand-up in 1970s Chicago, to Star Search, to the "pseudo-celebrity hell" of corporate golf tournaments, John Caponera has seen it all. Coke addled club owners, fickle TV execs, uptight cruise directors, and the painful reality life on the road all play their part. Caponera captures the loneliness and boredom of this life with true poignancy, watching fellow comics self destruct all around him, but he can turn it on a dime, into a laugh-out-loud story in his inimitable comic voice.

Praise for A Life in Comedy:

A Life In Comedy is an amazing book that transcends the stand up experience. The story telling and the advice given within can be applied by anyone going after a dream and a happy life. I wish John had written this wonderful book 20 years ago when I started out. I would’ve made far fewer mistakes. A great read from one of the funniest human beings I have ever met. -- Bill Burr

First-hand knowledge of what it’s like to be a comedian from one of the funniest people walking the planet. John’s voice comes through loud and hilarious. This book is funny and honest and you’ll love it and him. -- Wendy Liebman

John Caponera’s A Life In Comedy is a brilliant and no holds barred depiction of the real life of a successful stand-up comedian. It’s funny, tough minded and if you’ve got a desire to follow in John’s footsteps it will tell you the right route to take and the things to avoid. Filled with great anecdotes and hard won wisdom this is the real deal. -- Robert Ward TV producer and writer of Hill Street Blues, Miami Vice, and author of Red Baker.

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. John Caponera. Oh no that’s Charles Dickens. I always get them mixed up. Anyway. Great work John. I knew you were funny, but I didn’t know you were that smart. -- Dom Irrera





"Live at the Ice House" DVD - John Caponera



To celebrate John's thirtieth year as a stand-up comic, he decided to film a live concert DVD at the famous "Ice House" in Pasadena, CA.

Now you can watch John perform in concert and in High Def. This hour taping features John's favorite bits old and new.

It's a whole new experience watching and seeing his expressions that you don't get from a CD.

Order your DVD today.

$23.00 each




Please enjoy these 2 clips from the DVD!


"Rain Delay" CD - John Caponera



This is John's latest work. It was produced by Tom Griswold of the "Bob and Tom Show". Tom gave John the idea of playing two announcers trying to kill time during a Rain Delay of a baseball game. John fell in love with the idea because as he puts it, "I always thought it was funny listerning to sports announcers trying to kill time during a rain delay. It is very difficult because there is no game to report and they end up talking about the most inane things to fill time. Here then is the "Rain Delay". If you are a Harry Caray fan or just a sports fan in general you will get a hoot out of this CD filled with crazy story after crazy story.

$18.00 each



Rain Delay - featured MP3 tracks
Couple of Crazies


"Live at Hilarities " CD - John Caponera



Three kids and seven years later, John has finally released his third CD "John Caponera Live at Hilarities". This CD was recorded live at Hilarites 4th street theatre in Cleveland, OH in the Fall of 2004. Like fine wine, John's act gets better with age. This eigthty minute CD is loaded with all new, fresh material that John has honed over the last several years. If you're into John's sense of humor, this thirty seven track CD of original comedy is right up your alley. Caponera covers the gamut with bits on sports, kids, sex, getting older and much more. His routine on the charity event "Drink-a-keg-for-Katie" is a classic.

$18.00 each



Live at Hilarities - featured MP3 tracks
Fishing Trip
Terror Alert


"Comedy Comin' at Ya " CD/Cassette - John Caponera



After seventeen years of doing stand-up comedy, John Caponera has finally released his first live comedy recording. It was well worth the wait. Now everyone can enjoy the unique brand of humor audiences have been laughing at for the last two decades. Hear for yourself why John is considered one of the best stand-up comics in the business.

$18.00 each



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Comedy Comin' at Ya - featured MP3 tracks
Bullet in my Neck
Union Guy


"Total Sports Comedy " Cassette - John Caponera


Cassette Only

Bob Costas says, "John Caponera's Total Sports Comedy is as funny as baseball owners are greedy". This live recording covers everything from baseball,basketball and football to the Olympics, America's Cup and much more, featuring the best ten minutes of Harry Caray ever heard. If you're a sports fan with a sense of humor, John Caponera's Total Sports Comedy is a must.

Not available on CD

$13.00 each




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